Welcome to the Allerdale Credit Union

A warm welcome to the staff of Cumbria County Council ~ you can now pay into the credit union directly form your monthly wages / salary

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How much can I save each month?

How much you save is entirely up to you, any money you chose to save would come directly from your wage and would show on your pay slip.

Why choose a credit union?

The advantages of using a Cumbrian credit union are that they are a not-for-profit organisation and as a member of a credit union you automatically become a share owner.

Saving with a credit union can help local communities and also contribute to the local economy. Any profit made by a credit union may be distributed to members as a dividend on their savings.

Credit unions may also be able to offer you an affordable loan depending on your circumstances.

Cut 'n Paste Membership Form

New members can borrow with no previous savings history by using our 'Handy Loans' service.  These quick loans are usually available within seven days  - dependent on a satisfactory application.  The interest charge on first 'Handy Loans' is 3% on the remaining monthly balance (Typical APR 42.56%)

Alternatively, once an adult member has saved for a minimum of 12 weeks, he/she can apply for a 'Standard Loan' from the Credit Union. 

The interest charge on first loans starts at 2.0% per month on the remaining balance (Typical APR 26.82%).  Subsequent loans attract lower rates according to repayment history.  Currently our cheapest rate is just 1% on the reducing monthly balance (Typical APR 12.68%)

We have two offices - one in Maryport and one in Workington - as well as a number of collection points around Allerdale.  Please see 'Offices & Collection Points' for full details.

You can now check your balances on line here Please email us for your 'electronic passbook' password


Please contact us for more information about joining Allerdale Credit Union. 

Telephone: 01900 816111,  01900 63642


Head Office: 49 Wood Street, Maryport, CA15 6LD

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